Comic Con Brussels 2020

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We are going to Comic Con Brussels! Catch us there on the 22nd of February 2020 in Brussels. You can buy tickets here

Did you see our other Convention videos?

You can find the videos right here!

We were at Firstlook and Dutch Comic Con . But also Animecon and other video reports. Also the Bonami Spelcomputer Museum , the Arcade Hotel but also retro fair conventions from Schiedam and Tilburg .

Two years ago we started with Let’s Plays and then expanded our Youtube channel. In two years, the Fistbumpbros have learned a lot and have expanded considerably. With convention videos, short films and sponsor videos of Lootchest , Dirtees and Funkopops in our portfolio. Our videos are made professionally by Eldon and Wesley, who set off with passion, a video camera and a microphone. They show you how things work in Conventions that are held in the Benelux. They also make professional short films and movies that they have created and implemented themselves.

Fortunately, today we are also a seen guest at many conventions. We interview famous cosplayers and actors and actresses in our smooth, open and humorous style. In the past we have also been called ‘the old Gamekings’, which is a compliment. Furthermore, we go to battle in our recognizable Fistbumpbros clothing during conventions. This makes us immediately recognizable to the public.